The question, can hemp milk cause a positive drug test, is commonly asked especially by those that are interested in adding hemp foods or products to their daily routine. Can eating hemp foods show up positive for THC on a drug test?

Available research studies say NO! Daily intake of commercially made hemp foods such as milk, seeds, cereals, cooking oil or granola or other hemp products such as lip balms, lotions or shampoos do not test positive for THC when drug tested.

Hemp based products and hemp-based food that are commercially sold and produced in the U.S. are not allowed legally to have THC, the cannabinoid known to have psychoactive affects. If it did happen to contain small amounts of THC on a hemp product that was laboratory tested, the quantity would be so small it would likely need excessive amounts of digestion for it to even show up on a drug test.

With that being said, taking hemp-based oils or hemp foods that are non-commercial or homemade could have possible risks for a positive drug test. Products and foods that are not federally regulated such as those bought from a farmer’s market, online or a dispensary do not have to abide by any safety rules or FDA regulations. Use caution when buying any  of those kinds of hemp products. Ask questions about how they are made and if they have been tested prior to packaging.

So, keep on enjoying all those hemp-based foods and products as long as they are regulated federally without worrying about testing positive for THC from a drug test.

How is Hemp Milk Made?

Hemp milk is made by combining the seeds from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa and water.

The same plant is also used to harvest marijuana. But, hemp milk and other hemp-based products will not have a mind-altering affect like marijuana does as it only contains minute traces of THC.

Hemp milk has a creamy consistency, and a nutty, earthy flavor. You can use it to replace milk from a cow for things such as cereal, coffee and smoothies.

Because hemp milk is made from just water and seeds, some varieties will have thickeners, sweeteners or salt.

You can find hemp milk online and in local grocery stores as it has become quite popular due to the popularity of plant-based milk.

It has become a popular alternative to cow’s milk. Made from hemp seeds it is rich in healthy fats, minerals and good quality plant protein.

Substituting, hemp milk from cow’s milk may benefit you by protecting from heart disease and it is also good for the health of your skin.

Benefits of Hemp Milk

Many studies have shown that there are multiple benefits from taking hemp-based foods and products.

Although there is not enough research precisely on the benefits of hemp milk, it is made from hemp seeds, so, in theory in may provide the same benefits as other hemp-based foods and products.

Hemp milk is gluten, lactose and soy free, and may promote heart and skin health due to the high-quality plant protein and vital fatty acids.

There are some varieties that fortify the products with minerals and vitamins.

Bottom line, hemp milk can be an extremely nutritious supplement added to a well-balanced diet.

How much THC is present in hemp milk?

There are those that ask, does hemp milk have THC and if there is how much THC is present in hemp milk? Hemp has taken the market by storm. It seems that so many foods and products are infused with hemp. This has been a bit confusing understanding the difference between things hemp related, such as do all hemp foods and products contain THC? If not, which ones do?

Because plant-based foods have gained popularity, people are seeking alternatives to cow’s milk whether it is for personal preference or a dietary reason. In comes hemp milk to save the day.

Is there THC in hemp milk?

Both hemp milk and THC come from the hemp plant. So, hemp milk has to have THC in it, right? Not, true!

THC and CBD are only in the flowers and buds of a female cannabis and hemp plants; not the seeds. Hemp is made from the seeds, not the flower or buds, therefore it does not have any THC or CBD in it.

Beside the fact that hemp milk is made from the seeds of the hemp plant, in order to acquire any substantial amounts of CBD, they have to harvest plants that are high CBD producing plants and these are different from the hemp plant that is used to make hemp milk.

It is a safe bet to say that hemp milk does not have any THC or CBD. Its contents are simply the nutrients that are in the seeds such as:

  • Amino acids
  • Protein
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Carbohydrates
  • Vitamin A, D, and B12

Hemp Milk and Military and Service Members

Just because there are now so many foods and products readily available to the public that are hemp-based, it doesn’t mean any active-duty national guard, reservist, guardsman or service member can consume them.

Hemp is legal in the United States; however, any hemp foods or products are forbidden to use as a military service member.

By now you have probably noticed hemp oil, milk or seeds just about everywhere. Or even hemp as an ingredient in yogurts, powders and supplements. Even though hemp is available in stores and legal in the United States since 2018, the DOD policy considers consuming hemp-based foods or products off limits to any type of military personal. Goods that are durable such as clothing or rope are not included in that policy and are not prohibited.

Many retailers online or stores that sell hemp bases foods and products offer military members a discount. That doesn’t mean it is legal to purchase them or give them a try. It is important as a military member to know and understand the DOD policies regarding hemp and find out what to look for in order to avoid using or eating products or foods that contain hemp, even hemp seeds. Do not take the risk if you are not certain whether or not something contains hemp.

Look before you buy

Not all products and foods that contain hemp are labeled. Before buying any food or product, give the ingredients a close look. Here are some terms you may want to look for:

  • CBD
  • Hemp
  • Hemp oil or seeds

Ultimately you are the only one that is accountable for your career and decisions. Do not put yourself at risk; read all labels and ingredients prior to buying and consuming them.