Can Military Use Hemp Lotion And Soaps?

Do you realize the possible recovery and healing properties of cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD or Hemp oil? Can military use hemp lotion and soaps if they do not contain THC? What is the military’s attitude on using hemp products?

This article will explain the difference between the two, the possible benefits that are tested and the main question: Is CBD or Hemp considered marijuana and are they legal in the military?

Can military members legally use CBD or Hemp products?

Military active duty, or those serving Reserves or the Guard are prohibited to use any type of Hemp or CBD products. Each branch of military service has regulated a ban on the use of all such products as of 2022.

The Army guideline states that any use of products that are a derivative of hemp regardless of how much THC is present, actual or claimed and regardless of whether the product can be used, bought or sold legally to non-military members, is forbidden.

DOD stances and the legal issues

Military members have to follow the Defense Department regulations. So, just because CBD is legal in the United States, does not mean it is legal for any service member.

State universities, colleges and agricultural businesses are allowed to get permits in order to extract CBD from industrial hemp according to the Agricultural Act of 2014. The flow of industrial hemp or CBD is also considered legal if marijuana and the transportation across states lines is legal in those states.

CBD companies are allowed to use industrial hemp. So, it does not contradict the Controlled Substances Act, which makes CBD legal and not considered a substance the DEA considers illegal as it only has trace amounts of THC. Growers of hemp need to be mindful to not allow values of THC to increase in their products they sell. Whatever they produce has to have zero THC, which will not test positive on a drug test.

What you should know about hemp, CBD and THC

Important things you need to know about hemp, CBD and THC:

  • With less than 3% THC it is not likely to fail a drug test when consuming CBD or hemp.
  • Hemp does not contain enough THC to get users high; marijuana does
  • Hemp oil and CBD oil are derived from the non-psychoactive, legal hemp plant
  • Cannabis Sativa harvests two kinds: hemp and marijuana. CBD is produced by both; however, THC is not present in both.

CBD oil

CBD is a product of the same plant family of hemp and marijuana. It is a natural occurring compound found in cannabis. When you hear the word cannabis, it does not mean marijuana. All formulae of hemp and marijuana fall into the plant family of cannabis.

Hemp oil as well as CBD oil does not have enough THC to get you high, nor is it illegal. In order to be sold on the market as CBD oil or hemp, it must have less than .3% of THC. Because THC has a psychoactive effect, it is illegal within the military and federal government, but it is legal in some states.

Natural CBD containing no THC has become very popular not only in the media but also in the scientific community as well. CBD and hemp have shown many health benefits such as an anti-inflammatory, helping cancer patients, in the treatment of certain kinds if epilepsy, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, jut to name a few.

Hemp oil

Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp has over eighty phytocannabinoids, one of which is CBD. Hemp oil is formulated from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is rich in fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 along with Vitamin E.

There are many uses of hemp oil such as lotions, soaps, shampoos, milk, and cooking. Due to the high levels of Vitamin E, it is a great anti-oxidant that helps your body battle the effects of anxiety and stress. Hemp has nutritional value, unlike CBD oil. You can also consume hemp oil in capsule form.

Can military members use hemp lotion?

Other armed forces such as the Coast Guard, Navy, and the Marine Corp, have joined the Air Force and Army in banning its members from the use of lotions, soaps, shampoos and all other topical hemp products taken from the cannabis plant, including CBD.

The DOD declared a new policy that barres any reserve or active service member from using hemp or CBD products, originating in February of 2020. A February 26, 2020 memorandum made the change in policy and was issued by the Secretary of Defense to the Secretaries of the Navy, Air Force and Army excluding any active service member from using any type of hemp or CBD product.

The memorandum said that using hemp products regularly may result in a positive drug test to THC which is the ingredient that causes the high feeling from marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis plant. The difference being under federal law all hemp products including cannabidiol are forbidden to contain any more than 0.03% THC based on a dry weight.

 Can military use hemp soap?

What is Hemp?

Hemp is derived from the cannabis plant. You might find hemp in the following products:

  • Coffee and hemp milk
  • Lotion, hand sanitizers, and soap
  • Crackers and chips
  • Yogurt and protein powder
  • Energy bars and granola
  • Conditioner and shampoo

 Hemp and CBD products are not regulated by the FDA and might have levels of THC that are underestimated. Therefore it is important to carefully read the ingredients in all those products prior to using them.

Service and DOD policies forbid their members from using or eating products that come from hemp, including CBD regardless the of the levels of THC. This is important to make sure there is military readiness while keeping the integrity and reliability of the program for drug testing. This does not apply, however, to goods that are durable such as clothing.

Using products from the marijuana plant by any means, eating, topical, or smoking is forbidden for federal employees regardless of the local or state laws.

Furthermore, the ban was executed due to the fact that the FDA has not broadcasted regulations for guarantee that hemp and CBD products observe the THC restrictions on concentration, even though so many CBD products are easily obtainable in the market place.

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